Time Events
2020-02-19 Conference on competition in e-commerce
2020-06-02 Road Traffic Law Seminar
2020-06-04 Announcement of the Business Satisfaction Report
2020-06-30 GSA and ASA Annual Meeting 2020
2020-07-23 Working with VCCI and the National Assembly’s Observation Delegation on FTAs
2020-07-28 Logistics and vocational education business association seminar
2020-07-30 Adjustment Workshop 54/2018/TT-BGTVT on seaport service price bracket
2020-08-26 TILOG Thailand Online Exhibition
2020-08-27 VIAC_Shortcut Arbitration Workshop
2020-09-14 Marine Department collects comments on amendments 14/2016/TT-BGTVT on VGM
2020-09-14 VIAC_Conference on Disputes from Multiple Contracts and Consolidation of Disputes
2020-09-17 VCCI_Conference on EVFTA
2020-10-23 The Waterways Department has a dialogue on inland waterways 2020
2020-12-02 Conference on smart ports and green ports
2020-12-04 Comments to the Circular guiding the weighing of containers to confirm weight
2020-12-08 VIAC seminar about the next 5 years with opportunities and challenges for businesses
2020-12-08 International online trade in logistics between Vietnam and foreign countries
2020-12_10 Participating in the 9th Seaport Association Congress
2020-12-18 Meeting with Maritime Department about freight and surcharges
2020-12-18 VNSC-VIAC Enterprise Law and Investment Law Workshop 2020
2020-12-23 Summarizing people’s foreign affairs work
2020-12-29 Training on administrative violations in the field of customs
2020-12-30 Seaport Planning Workshop 2021-2030


Time Event content
2019-01-31 e-Economy
2019-02-12 Meeting with Nitori Holdings about training logistics interns
2019-02-21 Management and operation of seaports and logistics in Cai Mep Thi Vai area
2019-03-14 Meeting with the Maritime Administration on exemption and reduction of storage service fees for importers
2019-03-15 Consult the circular on supporting businesses to comply with the law of the customs authority
2019-03-20 Participate in Vietnam Retail and Marketing Investment Forum
2019-04-05 Draft circular on ASEAN customs transit procedures
2019-04-10 Survey for the Customs – Business Dialogue Conference
2019-04-12 Australian market potential seminar
2019-04-27 Consultation on Soc Trang port and Tran De port
2019-05-03 World Bank meeting on cross-border transport
2019-06-21 Commercial development in 4.0
2019-06-28 Working with Thai delegation on ACMECS and LIMEC
2019-07-12 Conference on the development of logictics in Hai Phong
2019-07-23 GMS Logictics Forum 2019 Khon Kaen, Thailand
2019-08-09 Meeting with MPI on GMS-Japan
2019-08-15 Attend Mekong-Japan BKK
2019-08-26 TCHQ consults on customs risk management
2019-08-27 Conference on Internal Control & Business Conduct
2019-08-29 H1 channel discussion on logistics human resource development solutions
2019-10-24 Roundtable on EVFTA in Ho Chi Minh City
2019-11-05 Digital transformation seminar at the Ministry of Industry and Trade
2019-12-23 Evaluation of Logistics Cost Reduction Scheme
2019-12-26 Conference on business law flow 2019


Time Event content
2018-04-16 Conference on Logistics Cost Reduction
2018-04-20 Solutions to promote exports in Vietnam
2018-08-10 Conference on Benchmarking Database System
2018-08-18 Controlling economic centralization in logictics
2018-09-04 Mekong Region Logictics Conference (GMS) in BKK
2018-10-20 Asian Logictics & Maritime Conference HKG


Time Event content
2017-02-22 Arbitration Rules Announcement Ceremony
2017-02-28 Assessment of the current state of connection of transport modes
2017-02-22 JRI symposium on logictics
2017-04-25 Meet the Korean port group Pyeongteak
2017-04-27 Review on reform of Customs administrative procedures 2016
2017-04-27 Workshop announcing the Review of Customs Administrative Procedure Reform
2017-05-04 Conference to evaluate the results of stabilizing container loading and unloading prices at Cai Mep Thi Vai
2017-05-05 Ministry of Transport Meeting on Environment and Society of Inland Port System
2017-06-27 Meeting with ADB’s Project on Border Gate Economic Zone


Time Event content
2016-03-16 South Korea Pyeongteak Port Introduction Workshop
2016-03-24 Draft Circular on load control on means of transport
2016-04-07 Tax policy for sea freight surcharges
2016-05-27 Research meeting to open coastal shipping route VN-TL-CPC
2016-07-05 Draft circular guiding decrees on tax laws
2016-07-05 Law Workshop on Supporting Small and Medium Enterprises
2016-08-05 Reflecting on problems in legal regulations related to enterprises
2016-09-13 Business Dialogue Conference in the Maritime Sector 2016
2016-09-30 MEI . Index Survey
2016-11-04 Competition Law Enforcement Review Workshop
2016-11-07 Ministry of Finance Dialogue Conference on Administrative Procedure Reform in Taxation and Customs
2016-11-17 Association training conference, giving legal advice on association
2016-12-13 Meeting with JRI
2016-12-14 Conference to summarize the association’s work, quarter 2016
2016-12-21 Meeting with JRI on QZSS
2016-12-28 AEC . Workshop