Time Events
2015-03-17 Project on restructuring sea and air transport
2015-04-02 Stabilize loading and unloading service prices at Cai Mep Thi Vai
2015-04-22 Workshop on Promoting Public-Private Policy Dialogue in Transport and Logistics in Vietnam
2015-06-15 Conference on the draft of Law on Associations
2015-07-07 Meeting at the Textile and Garment Association on the collection of fees and surcharges of foreign carriers
2015-07-20 Conference with businesses operating in the field of transportation
2015-07-21 Conference to collect comments on the draft document of the 12th Party Congress at VCCI
2015-07-24 Action plan to improve competitiveness and develop logistics services
2015-08-11 Workshop on Reviewing Tax Administration Procedure Reform 2014
2015-08-12 Policy Advocacy Workshop in a New Context
2015-08-24 Fishery industry fair and seminar at VIETFISH 2015 by VASEP
2015-09-02 70th Anniversary Parade on August 19 and September 2
2015-09-06 Vietnam International Arbitration – Contractual Matters
2015-09-29 Conference to stabilize the price of container handling services at major seaports in the country
2015-10-09 Meeting with Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade on activities of Vietnam Shippers Association
2015-10-13 Meeting with 5 shipping lines with VCCI on sea freight rates, port service tariffs
2015-10-26 Preliminary conference for 1 year of coastal transport deployment
2015-11-23 Workshop on 10 years of competition law enforcement
2015-11-28 VLA_VLA Congress
2015-12-22 Determining the nature of sea freight surcharges.


Time Event content
2014-03-26 Conference on solutions to increase transport market share for Vietnamese ships
2014-05-26 Conference on cross-border transportation in Shenzhen
2014-07-08 Comments on the draft of Maritime Code
2014-07-21 Meeting to improve inland transport capacity in the Mekong Delta region
2014-08-05 Conference of shipping enterprises, seaports
2014-10-14 Customs reform seminar
2014-11-26 Vietnam Logictics Forum


Time Event content
2013-04-16 Comment on the draft of Customs Law
2013-04-20 Talk with Business Forum newspaper on Vietnam Journalist’s Day
2013-09-10 Tax and Customs Dialogue Conference


Time Event content
2011-05-26 Export and import briefing at the Ministry of Industry and Trade
2011-05-27 Working with the American Association of Entrepreneurs
2011-06-11 Working with the Ministry of Transport on domestic transportation rights
2011-06-14 Associations briefing at VCCI
2011-07-06 Export and import briefing for the first 6 months of 2011
2011-09-15 Participating in the Annual Meeting of the Vietnam Seaport Association
2011-09-29 Conference to improve seaport management and operation capacity
2011-10-04 Suggestions on the draft circular on domestic transport for foreign ships
2011-10-05 Working with the Rubber Association on the theft of export goods in containers


Time Event content
2010-08-10 Logictics Workshop Bangkok
2010-08-11 Southern shipping conference
2010-08-16 Opportunity to cooperate with the Port of Houston
2010-09-05 ASC Meeting Macao_Asian Shippers Confederation
2010-09-08 Participated in the 7th Congress of Vietnam Seaport Association
2010-09-15 E-manifest project seminar
2010-10-25 Working with the Maritime Administration on THC in the import-export tax calculation value
2010-11-29 Export briefing at the Ministry of Industry and Trade
2010-12-02 Working with the Textile and Garment Association to remove the inadequacies of fees in sea transportation.